St John’s Visit

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Yesterday Jo from St John’s visited Sacred Heart school.

Room 3 learnt yesterday the following things:-

  • That the ambulances are now yellow and green so that traffic can see them more easily and pull over faster, and therefore shortening the time to respond to an emergency.
  • People working on ambulances now wear green shirts and pants.


  • If there is an emergency we get help from the nearest adult.

If we need to ring in an emergency we use 1 1 1 .

We say whether we need the ambulance, fire or police.

Say our address and phone number

Describe what happened in as much detail as we can.


  • We also learnt what to do if we or someone else gets a bleeding nose and how to put a plaster on without getting germs on the place where the plaster is going.DSCF0778 DSCF0777 DSCF0771
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More FM Pita Pit lunch shout competition winners

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pita pit

Today we enjoyed lunch courtesy of Pita Pit from More FM. We had plenty to eat and it was yummy.


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Pyjama Day

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We had a wonderful time wearing our pyjamas to school. We made huts and loved reading and writing in them. Our soft toys, pillows and blankets made it really cosy.


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Term 2

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Welcome to term 2. Here a few pieces of writing we would like to share with you about the wonderful holidays we enjoyed.


In the holidays I went to clip and climb. I climbed to the top of the circle one and the square one . I didn’t get to the top of the brick one. I liked it there. I couldn’t climb the splagley one.



In the holidays I played eighteen holes of golf. I went with my Dad and my Dad’s friend. Hisd name is Liam. We played at the Wyndam golf course.



Yesterday I went on my orange and black motorbike. I went on it for two hours. I had fun. I rode it at home in the paddock.


I went to Nana’s house for Easter. We had an Easter hunt. We found Easter eggs.

Lily T


In the holiday I saw the big trees. My Mum took some photos. The big trees were giant. After that we went to a lake. We had a picnic. We had some lemonade some banana bread and yoghurt. As we went home we looked out for deer.



In the holidays I spotted a light blue butterfly flly into my Nana’s bag. It was hot in the butterfly house in the museum.


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Room 3 has been experimenting this week using a “Show Don’t Tell “ approach in our writing.

Here are a few examples to share with you. Our motivation came from a book we have enjoyed about a boy learning to ride a bike.

I got my first bike when a big parcel came! “Mum, it came from Dunedin.” It was blue, white and yellow. I tried to ride it but I fell off and I hurt my head.  Harris

My first bike looked little. It was green and shiny and I couldn’t ride it at first.My first bike looked like a police motorbike. When I tried to ride it I didn’t know how to stop on the lawn and I ended up jumping off.     Jacob

My first bike was yellow and light blue. I got it for my birthday. I tried to ride it for the first time and I fell off. My brother knew how to ride it.  Alex

I got my green bike at Christmas when Nan and Grandy were doing the spuds and Santa came to Nan’s home. Nan and Grandy did not see him. Santa gave us two bikes. When we saw the bikes, we were excited.   Blake

My first bike was a pink Barbie bike. My Mum helped me ride my bike I kept on trying.   Karly

My red and black bike was really hard to ride. I tried and tried and finally I got it.Most of the time when I fell off I scraped my knee. Ben


Have you ever looked up at the night sky and gazed at the stars? Yes I have. They are called Matariki. They are pretty. Matariki is a time to celebrate, to fish and to weave.

Keira 4/6/14


I am reading the Key to Rondo. There is a boy called Leo and a music box. Leo got sucked into the music box and he was in a different world. He finds the key and goes to Rondo. He later goes back to his Mum and Dad and he is happy. There is also a blue queen. In the end Leo kills the blue queen.There is an old man. He is a pancake maker. He is a mysterious man. He can make himself invisible. Leo is half tiger and half human .The woodcutter is dangerous and Slinger is dangerous too.



Today is funky hair day. Jordis and I look crazy. I look like the girl off Harry Potter. She has snakes in her hair. This is the best day of my life. Emily Mrs Stupples daughter is shaving all her hair off for kids that have cancer. It’s Harris’ birthday too today and he is a special boy. Happy Birthday Harris!  Fiah


My first bike is red with cars on it. It has four wheels. The seat is black. One day my Dad cut the training wheels off. I tried to ride it but I kept falling off. Then I got the hang of it.  Fabian


Have you ever looked up into the night sky? If you did you might have seen seven stars. They are called Matariki. If you stay up late enough you might see it. If the stars are away from each other it is going to be a warm year.

Jack 4/6/14


My first bike was pink and black with purple dots. I got my bike form the bike shop. It had sparkley handlebars and a thing that came out over the handlebars. When I rode it I fell off. I banged my head.  Ruby


Ralph is a puppy. His ears are black. He is brown and black. He is soft with a black back. He feels happy because he has a name. Oliver

In the weekend I made a fish tail using loom bands. It was red and green. I made starbursts. Yah! Now I have 109. In the morning I made a single. It was red, green, pink, black and blue. Mason

Ralph is a puppy. He is cute. He is furry and soft.Lily

Ping!!!We got a hare. We drove into the next paddock. There was a hare in there. Declan


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Museum Art Workshop and Park Visit

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Last Friday Room 3 enjoyed an exciting day out at the museum where we learnt about Matariki. We created flax woven flowers which was traditionally one way of helping time pass, waiting for Spring. Some children will have their work displayed in a Museum art exhibition beginning June 23.


We also enjoyed wandering around the animals and the park. At one point Declan used his duck caller to bring the ducks in for some lunch.

Many thanks to the parents who volunteered their time to help and made the day such a success.

I weave flax. Criss cross. Zig zag. My flax flower. Rohan

I weave flax. Under ,over, over ,under. Here comes my new flax rose. Declan

I weave flax. Leave the middle one. Wrap it. Twist it. Under it, over and turn it. I love my new flax rose. Ellie

I weave flax. Criss cross. Zig Zag. Zig Zag. Turn the flax. Twist and turn. The gem sparkles in the sun. A pretty rose. Abby

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Term 2 Newsletter 2014

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Room 3 Term 2 2014 Newsletter.

Dear Parents,

The children have enjoyed a good break and are refreshed and ready for another exciting term.

Teresa Hoogeveen, our Third Year College student will continue to teach in Room 3 for most Mondays of the term. During her 3 week posting (May 26-June 13), Teresa will take control in running the classroom programme.

The Junior Rooms , Room 1,2,and 3 will continue to have flexible groupings between classrooms for Reading and Maths. Parents with children involved will be contacted regarding this.

Sharing time– Time each week will be allocated on a Friday for children to share something they have done, made or read. No toys please. A note will be sent home if and when a Toy Day is scheduled.

Brain Break– As part of the timetable, the children will continue to have a “brain break” during the morning. This includes a toilet stop, a drink and some brain food. Fruit/vegetables muesli bar, part of a sandwich… maybe brought into the classroom during this time. As a suggestion please have fruit chopped into bite-sized pieces for children to manage more easily.

Drink bottles-The children are encouraged to have a bottle of water in the classroom each day to drink from during the course of the day. Please ensure the bottles are taken home to be cleaned regularly.

Shoelaces – It is great that some children in Room 3 are able to tie their own shoelaces. This is a valuable life skill that gives the children independence and self-confidence. It would benefit your child if someone at home could spend time assisting them to develop this skill.

Pencils- Students have been allocated two new pencils from the pencils bought at the beginning of the year. If these become lost, broken or sharpened too small, students are asked to replace them during the term. Students will be again be given another two pencils at the beginning of each term.

Term 2 Programme

Maths: For numeracy we will be focusing on number knowledge for fractions and strategies for multiplication and division. We will also explore aspects of Statistics (Probability) and measurement (length).

Basic Fact cards will continue to be taken home each night. These need to be returned daily, as they are a part of our numeracy rotation. Once your child is able to quicklyrecall these they can then put them into the “to be tested” basket ready for me to test. Please encourage your child to take care of these as if they are lost or damaged $2 will be charged to replace them.

It would be also helpful to practice counting forwards and backwards in 1’s and 2’s, 5’s 10’s up to 100 along with basic facts up to 5,10 and 20.


Religious Education: We begin the term we will be continuing with the Holy Spirit Strand and then exploring the God Strand towards the end of Term. We will also celebrate the Liturgical Events of the Ascension and Pentecost as well as the Feast of Sacred Heart. (June 24)

The children have an exercise book which will have pages glued into it. The children will continue to be asked to complete home activities weekly and return their book to school ready to be used for the next day  please.


Writing: We will continue to focus on writing personal recounts report and letter writing. Near the end of the term the children will bring a mihi or poem home to practice reading out loud.


Reading:Instructional reading lessons are Monday through to Thursday. Each day the children will bring reading home. The text that your child brings home may be the book they have read that day in an instructional reading session, or a book of their own choosing from their browsing basket. Your child may also choose to read a book from home or library. Children may be encouraged to read silently and tell events in order in some detail. They may also be able to locate text to answer what, where, when, and who comprehension questions that you may ask.

Your child will bring home a poem on Friday, which may sometimes be based around phonics. You can read this together and talk about the sounds/blends you see and hear. It is important that your child works on their reading skills as this develops self-confidence and ensures success in many curriculum areas. They will bring a yellow reading log home each night too. Children are encouraged to write titles of books/chapters read. Please sign this to provide me with an indication that reading is being done at home.

Spelling: We will continue using words form the Essential Word Lists for children to learn each week. Later in the term we will begin the SMART words programme. Spelling words will be in family groups so the learning may be easier once your child has learnt the rule.This programme incorporates spelling words in context with spelling foundation skills including phonemic awareness.

Our Library time is on Friday afternoons. Books maybe returned in the library slot during the week.

Physical Education/Health: – Please ensure that your child wears their sports uniform on Mondays and Fridays for each PE session. We also will be begin training for the cross –country this week. It is advisable that running shoes and a change of socks be brought each day in a plastic bag as the ground can be wet.

We will be also learning ball skills and using these skills in games.

Inquiry: Our School wide Unit for the term will be centred around Matariki and our big question is ‘What is Matariki?’ This unit will incorporate a rotation of activities bases around the Arts. The unit will be celebrated with a night viewing Matariki along with activities. Notices with details will be brought home later regarding these.

The Arts:We will continue exploring shape and colour using different mediums including paint and pastel. I have organised an art workshop at the museum and a park visit afterwards for Room 3 on May 23. Parent help will be required for this trip to go ahead. (A notice with details was sent home earlier this week.)

It would also be appreciated if adult sized unused old t- shirts be sent along to school to be used as art shirts

Room 3 has a BlogSpot where children’s home activities, events and class newsletters, can be accessed at

Communication:Before school is always busy, especially between 8.30 and 8.55 as this time is often used to work with individual students. Please email me and let me know when you would like to come in and let me know if there is something in particular you would like to discuss. This way I can be prepared with the information you may require.

Thank you for your support


Nicola Winders      

Library – Friday

PE -Monday and Friday

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