Crazy Hat day

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For the final week of Term 2, we have been making some crazy hats.  We then wrote a story about our hats.  We remembered to write a colour thing, a number thing and a shape thing about our hats.Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 11.20.24 AM Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 11.20.48 AM Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 11.21.07 AM Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 11.21.25 AM Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 11.21.45 AM Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 11.22.10 AM Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 11.23.05 AM Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 11.23.34 AM Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 11.24.08 AM Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 11.24.30 AM Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 11.25.05 AM Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 11.25.28 AM Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 2.20.58 PM

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Term 1 Week 10

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It has been a busy term, getting the basics of school up and running.  We have learned lots of things about school, the routines, how to keep trying at our activities and how to be a good friend.  Here are some things we have learned this term.

IMG_3805The Friendship Chair

We have learned how important it is to make sure that everyone is included in playtimes.  Sometimes it can be hard to find the people you are looking for in the playground, so if you need someone to play with you can sit on the friendship chair.  We have practised sitting on the chair if we are lonely, and also going to ask children to play if we notice that they are sitting on the chair.


We have been focusing a lot on our number knowledge:

  • What numbers look like
  • How to write the numerals
  • Counting forwards and backwards
  • Which number comes before and after
  • What number patterns on fingers, dice, abacus and tens frames look like.IMG_3713

Later in the term we have started learning about our number strategies.  How can we solve problems like adding and subtracting numbers?  Firstly, we have learned to make sure to count the items carefully to make sure that we have the correct amount.  Then we can make two groups of objects, using counters, fingers, or actually anything, and count the total.  We can also add using a number line.  We count the first number in jumps to each number on the line, then we count the next number on from there.





We have been working hard on our phonics (letter sounds) and knowing our first words.  We have made lots of class books, and have been practising our reading every chance that we get.  Our phonics has also really helped in the children’s writing.  We can now make a good attempt at writing all the sounds that we can hear in tricky words when writing our stories.IMG_3747


As well as practising our handwriting, holding the pencil correctly, and story writing in our books, we have also been learning how to write on the computer.  We have used Microsoft Word and learned how to type letters, full stops and use the space bar.  We have also learned how to use the delete button if we make a mistake and we are learning to use the arrows to move the cursor.


Don’t forget to check out our photo gallery, there are lots more photos of what we have been up to at school.

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The concept of money.

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We started talking about the school fair today.  I explained that the school has the fair to raise money to buy things, such as paint, playground equipment, books etc.  We then talked a lot about money.  Where does it come from?  How do you get it? (aaah, the magical question).  The children knew that you got money from the bank, and sometimes you got money when you bought something at McDonalds.  They didn’t really know where the money originally comes from in their family.  We then talked about parents who work.  Why do they work?  The children then caught on that parents work to get money for the family.  We talked about the need for everyone to work to get money.  People in offices, teachers, supermarket cashiers, bus drivers – they all work so that they can earn money.  They need the money to buy things such as food, clothes, and the all important toys.

We then talked about how we can sell something for money or provide a service for money (working at a job).  The school fair will have lots of things to sell, because we can’t just ask the parents to give us money – that’s not fair.  They work hard for their money, so we need to make/gather things to sell to the parents.

IMG_3258To reinforce this concept of earning money I had a wad of play money and asked if any of the children needed to buy any groceries for their ‘family’.  A lot of them said yes, but we discovered they were moneyless.  Luckily there were some jobs going as cashiers for the Room 2 supermarket, and we also needed two children to stack the shelves as well.  While they were getting organised with their jobs, I needed someone to mow the lawn.  Lucas was very keen to do this, and he did a great job, earning money in the process.  I then needed the rocket cleaned and polished and Jesse and Ana were very keen for that job.  There were also some excellent horse feeders and groomers, and you would be amazed at how clean the classroom floor can get if you are paying play money to get the job done!  Lots of kids wanted that job, along with the job of tidying the classroom in general.  Once those children earned some money they could then go to the supermarket to by groceries for their families.  There was quite a queue at the till.

We needed more jobs to stimulate our economy so we opened a hair salon.  Leo and
Luca were our hairdressers (and they made quite a pretty sum, I can tell you).  Jackson decided that we needed an electrician to fix the lights and IMG_3257general other wires, and William was our mechanic and main computer fixer.  Jesse then was the doctor who helped any sick people – for a fee of course.  It was really cool to see the children figuring out that if they earned some money they could go and buy food or get their hair/car/lights fixed.  It was also very funny when Holly became a working mother and needed to pay someone to look after her baby.  That meant that Lucas got another job as child carer, but Holly had to give a lot of her money that she earned to Lucas, and then buy nappies!  It seemed that the children were enjoying the spending, because they ran out of money pretty quickly.  Luckily Mrs Williams had some jobs to do in Room 1, so Mitchell and Ana went in to help, and Mrs Forbes also came in and we asked if she needed anything.  She was very lucky because she was looking for a doctor for her sore foot.  Jesse provided an excellent service for $20.

We kept expanding – Isla opened a book store alongside the supermarket.  We discovered the need for shift workers (how can you spend any money if you are stuck at the till all day?), and the supermarket also needed some music to keep the shoppers happy.  Mitchell and Jesse were very happy to sing the ABCs for the patrons.  We also decided that we needed  lolly shop.  Ethan was an excellent shopkeeper for that shop (and just quietly, made the most money on the day). IMG_3264 Last but not least, Luca decided she wanted to change jobs and become a teacher.  William obliged by paying her for her story telling services.  We had a full community going for the whole afternoon, and I hope the concept of money transactions has been explained a little better to them.  As well as having a ton of fun, the children really did learn that money is the reason for a lot of things.  The shopkeeper works at the shop for money, the farmer sells the milk to earn money.  Mum or dad go to work to earn money.  You can somewhat choose which job you would like to earn your money.  A mechanic has to know a lot about cars, otherwise he wouldn’t be good at his/her job and not get paid very well, just as I chose my job as a teacher because I love hanging out with kids.  We also learned that money runs out, so you have to keep doing jobs to earn some more.

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Term 2, Week 9

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We have been so busy today.  The children made huts this morning with all the blankets and sheets that were brought in.  They were pretty good at making them on their own, I only helped out at the very end of the building process.  They loved playing in their huts and going to visit each others huts too.IMG_3079After morning tea we did some of our reading rotation in the huts, with one of the rotations being toasting marshmallows over the ‘fire’.  The fire was a tea candle but it did the trick and the kids all got to cook and eat a couple of marshmallows each.  Then it was over to Room 1 to watch the Lego movie, with popcorn and milk as snacks.

Next term 7 children will be moving into Room 1, as our numbers are getting quite big so the children who are moving took their books and pencils etc. into Mrs Williams next door.  We will begin the new term with 9 children.

We have been reading a book called ‘The Library Mouse’, which is about being authors and writing our own books on little mouse sized booklets.

IMG_3094We have been authors ourselves and have a growing number of books written by our authors in our library corner.  Room 9 big buddies came to visit at the end of today, and we found out that they are authors too!  They have written and published some books about space, to read to their little buddies, and they have also left their books for us to keep.


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Term 2, Week 3

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We have been having great fun learning about Matariki.  We have learned that different cultures have different stories for how the world began, and we have learned the Maori creation story.

hero5168Ranginui (the Sky Father) and Papatuanuku (the Earth Mother) loved each other very much.  They hugged each other very close, and it was very dark between them.  They had children and as the children grew, they started to get squashed in the small space between Ranginui and Papatuanuku.  The children also didn’t like the darkness they were in.  They  tried to push their parents apart but they were not strong enough.  One of the brothers, Tanē then tried.  He used his legs to help him push, and he forced Ranginui and Papatuanuku apart from each other.

Ranginui and Papatuanuku were so sad to be apart from each other.  Rangi’s tears became the rain, and Papa’s tears become the rivers and streams of the Earth.  One of the children, Tāwhirimātea – the God of Storms and Winds, was very angry that the other children had made his parents so sad.  He was so angry that cried tears of lightning.  He then tore his eyes out and threw them up into the sky to be with his father.  These became the Matariki stars.


We have also learned about Taniwha.  Taniwha are our guardians and they keep us safe.  That is why you will see them at the front of Marae.  We have made our own Taniwha to look be our guardians in Room 2.


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Term 2, Week 1

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During our maths time this week we have been learning about ordering numbers.  For example we have the numbers 7, 3, 9, 4 and we have been ordering them from smallest to biggest.  There is a great online game that helps practise this

We have started some great writing too.  We have written bubble stories – we played with the touchable bubbles and made bubble towers and then wrote stories about them. We also had an exciting day on Wednesday going to see Bad Jelly the Witch, and we have written stories about that too.  The older kids are learning to put some feeling words into their stories, as that makes them more interesting for others to read.

May is the month of Mary, so this week we have been learning about the meaning behind the Hail Mary prayer.  This has also been apt with Mother’s Day, as Mary is also our Mother in Heaven.

Our focus this term is on Matariki.  When this star constellation becomes visible in early June, this signifies the beginning of the Maori new year.  This is a time for spending time with family/whanau and learn about Maori culture.  We started this week by learning different instructions in the classroom, and Maori colours.  We made a rainbow using the coloured things that we found in the classroom.



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Adding and Subtracting

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We are learning about maths strategy.  Strategy means what you choose to do to solve the problem.  We have started by learning about the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ signs.

‘+’ means plus, or to add.  When you see this symbol you know that there will be more.

‘-‘ means subtract, or take away.  When you see this symbol you know there will be less.

We used these two symbols to direct us to either add or takeaway pieces of railroad track.

We also learned about adding groups of things.  To find out the total you count both sets together.


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